L.A. Beer Week 2018 kicked off on Saturday, June 16th with the L.A. Brewers Beer Week Kickoff festival at Los Angeles Center Studios. The day featured more great beer than one person could drink through and was just the beginning of the 10th Annual L.A. Beer Week festivities that feature events and special beers and more from breweries all over Los Angeles.


The Kickoff Festival was truly one of the great beer events of the year as every brewery brought out not only several beers, but clearly some of the best beers that they had to offer. As soon as the event began there was a mad rush to Monkish Brewing Co. and the line never went down as this was the must try brewery of the day as they offereed their Simpletim- Double Dry Hopped Double IPA brewed in collaboration with Sante Adairius and Unfold The Scroll- Triple Dry Hopped Double IPA. There were plenty of great stouts and porters, highlighted by Beachwood Brewing with their Brandy Barrel Aged System of a Stout, Brewery Rex with a very dessert tasting Chocolate Raspberry Stout and Smog City Brewing with their wonderful tasting Coffee Porter that not only had a strong flavor, but an aroma that took you to a coffee house. A few other highlights included the Kickstart My Tart from HopSaint Brewing Company that was a Berliner highlighted by the tart cherry flavor and Modern Times Beer created the Llano Del Rio Pineapple Milkshake Style Hazy IPA just for L.A. Beer Week.

Five Threads

Beer Slushies

Frogtown Brewery

King Harbor Brewing Company

Homebrewers of Los Angeles “Soda Bar”

There are plenty of beer collaborations going on such as the one taking place on June 20th at Library Alehouse with the Maui Brewing Collaboration Takeover with Smog City and Modern Times from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

For more information, visit: L.A. Beer Week

(Photos Courtesy Vendela Martin)