Imagine, not a Beatles song but if you haven’t experienced something and someone wants to share it, you truly must Imagine. I don’t think John Lennon or the Beatles had the impact that they imagined, not only on a supposed fan of the LOVE performance or the staff at the Mirage.

Imagine attending LOVE and the show just finished, you are drying your eyes from a performance that goes beyond words. Suddenly you hear a voice yelling as you are leaving and you look up and an older woman is glaring at you with a look of death. That is far from the worst of it, this woman screams at the top of her lungs “you smell and you ruined the performance for everyone.” Being on the receving end of the look I said, “are you talking to me?” She said yes, you stink and are disgusting. To add insult to injury I was at the show with my two daughters for Father’s Day. As you can imagine I was humiliated and angry. I went to the Cirque usher and said can you do something about this woman. His response was no, the show is over. I said did you hear what she said? He said yes and I don’t care. At that point I said, “are you fucking kidding me.”

I guess saying the “f” word is a trigger as he just lost it and he began to berate me. So verbally accousting someone and screaming in the arena is fine, but if you say the “f” word that is too much. I asked for his supervisor, who proceeded to also be more concerned with my use of the “f” word than the way I was treated or the lack of action or caring by the usher. Now we move on to the third person in this terrible act as a security supervisor from the Mirage entered the picture. He proceeded to simply tell me to leave or there would be trouble. Didn’t care what happened to me or the lack of action by the staff, simply that I used the “f” word.

What did I do, I left. A perfect day that sadly I let get partially destroyed by complete and horrible strangers who have no idea what customer care is and simply have no compassion. But this goes in line with the Mirage as their response was “accept our apologies for the inconveniences you encountered.”

While I truly love LOVE, I could not tell anyone to go to that performance or the Mirage based on their staff. I am sure 99.9% of the time nothing awful happens at that show, but that .01% when it does you need to know how to handle it and they don’t.